Mothership Press Kickstarter Kickoff This Sunday!

Mothership Press is a non-profit, small press looking to upgrade in order to publish handcrafted books by local authors and poets on a regular basis. On Sunday, we will formally be kicking off our Kickstarter with a goal $1,194.

Here’s the link:

Skylab, the owner and catalyst behind Mothership Press describes his passion for the small publishing industry:

For the past ten years I have developed a love for printing, copying, and crafting handmade books. It is a labor of love with a steep learning curve. However, the final product, when the author stands in front of his friends, fans, and family with a book in hand is what always makes the entire process worthwhile. Although it’s not about the money- I can’t think of anyone who’s made a million dollars of of poetry- money is often a limiting factor for me in regards to how many copies, quality of materials, and ink, etc.

I’ve always dreamed of having access to my own copy machine. One set aside exclusively for my bookmaking projects. Fedex Kinko’s and other copy shops are prohibitively expensive when it comes to making books of any substantial numbers. Ten cents per page adds up quickly, especially since they charge twice for the front and back of a single piece of paper. But if I had access to a printing machine, the paper and ink costs drop substantially. Instead of dozens of handcrafted books in a run, I can do hundreds.

I really believe in the power of words to change society. That is why there is nothing more powerful than a book. I hope to actualize the artists and writers in my community by helping to give them a voice, helping to spread their ideas and vision into the greater world at large. I’m not much for politics, but rather, I’m hoping poetry can change the world from the inside out.

Join us at Growler’s Pub in Sarasota on Sunday 21st from 7-10pm with live readings from the authors followed by a Q&A.

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